A Discussion with Aaron Edwards

Ithaca College alumnus Aaron Edwards skyped in with our Mobile and Social Media Journalism class on Friday. Here’s what he had to say about his experience after college.

Expanse for jobs in the industry is a lot wider than anticipated

Social media is everywhere. Journalists are using social media for story ideas, breaking news situations and finding sources. Once a novelty, Twitter is now expected to be used throughout newsrooms.

Although strong reporting and writing skills are fundamental, journalism is now, more than ever, digital focused. This is where one can find opportunities.

For Aaron, this opportunity arose when he was offered a job building the BuzzFeed News app. Edwards said he never imagined himself working away from a big news organization, however, he welcomed the new idea and urged us to be more open towards job opportunities.

Give people a reason to come to you

Luckily, I still have a few years until I need to worry about finding a job. But Edwards offered some advice to budding journalists.

When starting off, the value of putting your head down and focusing on your work is so high…people dedicated to the work they are doing are noticed more.

Edwards told us about his first job out of school, a fellowship with the New York Times. He didn’t try to woo people. He did his work and let others notice him. Edwards encouraged us to take risks and never give others a reason to be ignored.

Thanks Aaron!


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