Mmmm hummus

Attention all hummus lovers:  The Ithaca Hummus Company is expanding from the local area. According to The Ithaca Voice, 43 retailers have been added to sell the product within the last three months. This means that the brand could be coming to a store near you.

 Who doesn’t love a fresh scoop of hummus? 

Cris Kirby, founder and CEO of Ithaca Hummus, started the company back in 2013. Kirby attended culinary school and is now finishing up his last semester in the Hotel Administration School at Cornell University.

Kirby says he recognized Ithaca as a hot bed for local, organic foods and knew his hummus would fit right in. Ithaca Hummus is very healthy, has no preservatives and is super fresh tasting.

But why is hummus so good?

Ithaca Hummus is unpasteurized and has a shelf life of only 21 days. This means it’s really, really fresh. Last year, I sat down with Cris Kirby and spoke about his goal of changing the way that prepared foods are made in this country. You can check out the story below.

Currently, the company sells its hummus in 14 local stores, including GreenStar Natural Foods Market. There are 42 other locations selling the brand in the New York City area along with New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Why you should eat more hummus

Hummus has many health benefits. It can help lower your cholesterol, manage your weight and even reduce your risk of cancer.

Plus, its easy to make and super delicious. Try any of Ithaca Hummus’ three flavors- fresh lemon & raw garlic, spicy chipotle or fresh lemon & dill. Spread that on a bagel chip and thank me later.

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