Kiwi season

Spring has sprung in Tompkins County. And so have the kiwi vines.

That’s right, kiwi. 

Although the fruit is not native to these parts, kiwi grows well in the Ithaca area and is harvested during the late summer and early fall months. You can find this delicious fruit at the Farmer’s Market.

The hardy kiwi

You may be familiar with kiwi, the large, fuzzy oval fruit with bright green flesh and black seeds. It has a sweet but unique flavor, and is usually grown in warmer climates, such as California and New Zealand.

It’s cousin, the hardy kiwi, is smaller and sweeter. And it’s grown right here in Tompkins County. 

Courtesy of AP Images.

Why you should eat more kiwi

Kiwi is an excellent source of Vitamin C and potassium and helps to manage your blood pressure and boost your immune system.

The enzymes in the fruit also help aid in digestion and clean out toxins from the intestinal tract.

They’re suitable to diabetics, great for your skin and naturally organic. And did you know that kiwi is one of the top 10 safest foods to eat?

What you can do with kiwi

Next time you’re craving a tasty treat, check out GreenStar Supermarket or Finger Lakes Fruit Bowl for these hardy kiwis. Peel and enjoy.


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